Olivier ARSAC
Date of birth: 22th January 1970
Nationality: French
E-Mail: olivier@arsac.org

Computer Science PhD
Computer Science Engineer

Computer skills

- Strong practice of Unix software development : emacs, ddd, purify, insight, CVS, ...

- Programming experience in : C, C++, JAVA, LISP, ADA, Perl, *sh, ...

- Hardware and software Unix system administration : Digital-Unix, Solaris, Linux, ...

- Practice of HTML, XML and OpenMath.

- Good skills in GUI : XLib, Motif, AWT, OpenGL, Tk, ...

- Strong personnal interest in computer graphics : ray-tracer implementation, OpenGL for scientific visualization, ...

- Theorical and practical knowledge of parallelism and distributed computations : parallelization of numerical computation libraries, distribution of AI on heterogeneous clusters.

Professional Experience

1997-1999 Expert Engineer
- Design of the OpenMath specification. Development and support for the proof of concept implementations in C, C++ and Java. OpenMath is an XML compliant high level protocol for lossless mathematical object exchange. Hosted at CAFE team at INRIA.

1993-1997 PhD
- Design and implementation of Emath, a highly customizable software component for mathematical object edition. Practice of UNIX system programming : shared memory, sockets, multi-threading, dynamic loading, embedded interpretors, ... (C, Lisp, Xt, Motif, Tcl/TK)

1993-1997 System administration
-Hardware and software administration for UNIX workstations (Solaris, Digital-Unix, Linux, ...). Strongly involved in tests and deployment of the new PC/Linux workstations and clusters. (Three years training one day per week at SEMIR, Perl, ksh, SML)

1993 Training
- Design and implementation of a new algorithm animation package (Agat). This tool provides graphical animations that allow a deeper insight into complex algorithm behaviors. (6 months training hosted by SAFIR project at INRIA, C, Xlib, Lex, Yacc)
- Design and implementation of a satellite image processing software. This software composes new images using mathematical expression analysis. (mid-time six months training, for GEOIMAGE, C, Motif, Lex, Yacc)
- Design and implementation of a 3D mesh visualization software. (2 months training with the SINUS research project at INRIA, C, Xt)


1993-97 Computer Science PhD. University of Nice, Sophia-Antipolis.
1990-93 Computer Science Engineer diploma at E.S.S.I. Software Engineering specialization.
1993 Master Degree (DEA) in Computer Sciences at the University of Nice.
1988-90 DEUG A - Mathematics and Physics at the University of Orleans.


- Agat lecture and demonstrations during the H.I.S.C.93 at C.W.I. Nederlands.

- "Algorithm Animation with AGAT"
O. Arsac, M. Gaëtano,
Texts and Monographs in Symbolic Computation, Springer-Verlag, 1995.

- "Emath a customizable component to display and edit formulas",
O. Arsac, S. Dalmas & M. Gaëtano,
Proceedings of ISSAC'99, Vancouver, ACM Press, 1999.

- "The design of a customizable component to display and edit mathematical formulas".
O. Arsac, S. Dalmas,
To be published in next special GUI issue of "Journal of Symbolic Computations".

- M. Bronstein, Research director at INRIA Sophia-Antipolis.
- C. Nahaboo, Team leader of the Bull's R&D team at Sophia Antipolis.
- M. Gaëtano, Research professor (CNRS, I3S).
- R. Fournier, Research engineer (INRIA Sophia-Antipolis).

- French: mother tongue
- English: fluent
- German: scolar