This is another old and rusty work (not updated since 1997). Hopefuly of some use but probably not for the faint of heart.


... is a cutomizable formula editor that can be easily embedded in other applications. Emath uses a Lisp language (Klone) as its extension language (in the same spirit than the popular GNU Emacs text editor uses Emacs-Lisp). Customizing throught a Lisp language is natural because the computer algebra community is quite familiar with Lisp.
The editor is multi-threaded (uses an home-made non-preemptive thread library to provide good rendering and reactivity) and normally runs as an external process. Emath is only for workstations running UNIX with the X Window system (X11R4 or higher).

We choose s design that enforces a clear separation between edition and mathematical processing. Emath has as little builtin mathematical knowledge as possible (but comes with a very comprehensive set of sample rules anyway).
Emath is largely adaptable to the needs of the end user as well as those of the programmers. Almost everything (input model and parsing, formatting, cut and paste behaviors...) can be replaced or customized at runtime using Lisp code.

Jade, an reference implementation of a GUI built using Emath

Jade is a quite complete GUI based upon Emath to display, edit then submit formulas to a backend CAS like Maple.


- My PhD thesis on Emath (PS file alas in french).
- An article about Emath (PS file).
- Stephane's Master report (PS file french).


Emath was a work in progress but has been successfuly tested on many OSsuch as: Sun(SunOS4.x/5.x), Dec Alpha and Linux.
Sources here emath.tgz

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