Normsplit is another "audio splitter" designed to find blanks in an audio file and split it accordingly. The way I used it more was: Rip a tape in wav format. Process this raw track with normsplit, asking to split it in 10 smaller files. Then encode them in ogg/vorbis or whatever you like.

This is an old but maybe still useful tool I wrote because none fitted my needs. I used it a lot to split my tape audio-books into chapters. It searches for the best places to cut by looking for blanks and choosing the longer ones while preserving roughly the same sizes to the tracks. So you ask for ten chapters and it gives you ten files of more or less same sizes. Leading/trailling blanks are trimmed and normalisation is performed in the 2nd pass (the cut pass).

Download sources

They are provided as is. Code is plain C and is widely portable. The makefile is ok for Linux but should be easy to adapt. Please let me know if you improve it in any way email ;).
normsplit.tz2 (~260k)
As usual, ./configure; make
The resulting binaries are in the example subdirectory. The one you are looking for is... normsplit. For more help type: normsplit -h


Hum... you really want a screenshot of a CLI based application that is handling sound?

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