Darwersi (a Darwinian Reversi)

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Do you prefer to play Black or White?

Darwersi 2.1 is now available!!! (04/14/99)

If you find anything wrong, send us an email ASAP!

System Requirements

Minimum Computer:
120MHz Intel Pentium processor or equivalent.
16MB of RAM, you may experience serious slow-down with less.
256-color video display card.
Windows 95/linux 1.0.1 operating system.
Web browser (help pages).

Recommended Computer:
300MHz Intel Pentium processor or better.
32MB or more of RAM.
16-bit or better sound card and speakers.
16-bit or better video display card to benefit from darwersi's raytraced graphics.
Windows 9*/NT or better operating system... who said linux?.
Web browser (help pages).
Modem and Internet connection for online help files.

Download Darwersi version 2.1:

The main darwersi library is compiling and working fine on all these OS. But the GUI is using Tcl/TK and it is a tedious and often unfructuous task to install it everywhere. If you need Darwersi too bad... ask for it and we will try to help you. BTW: sources are available on demand... feel free to ask for them and help us improve Darwersi!

Unix version

Download the OS specific Binary
Download the Common files part (GFX/sounds/HTML).

Windows version

Download the self-extract package which contains Binary and Ressources files.
Download Help files, just if you want them (not needed to play).
Download the Darwersi Themes extension which is another self-extract package, if you want more themes (classic look or resolutions higher than 640x480).

If you have troubles downloading big files you may try using the disk for windows version (main, help and themes packages split down to 1.4Mb).

Platform OS Version Darwersi Version Download Binary Common files
Linux/x86 libc5 v2.1 .tgz (720K) .tgz (9.5M)
Linux/x86 libc6 v2.1 .tgz (720K) .tgz (9.5M)
Windows 95/98/NT v2.1 .exe (5.5M)
Dos v2.1
(txt interf)
.zip (2M)
Solaris v2.1 .tgz (830K) .tgz (9.5M)
Digital Unix v3 v2.1 (ask)
Irix 6.2/6.3 v2.1 (ask)
HP-UX v2.1 (ask)
Toaster v2098 (VR interf) .jar :)

Darwersi (Windows) Help

Platform OS Version Darwersi Version Theme Version Download
Windows 95/98/NT Darwersi 2.1 v2.1 .exe (3M)

Darwersi (Windows) Themes

Platform OS Version Darwersi Version Theme Version Download
Windows 95/98/NT Darwersi 2.1 v2.1 .exe (6.7M)

Darwersi Sources

Darwersi Version Download
Darwersi 2.1 .tgz (11M)


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