Darwersi (a Darwinian Reversi)

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Darwersi Frequently Asked Questions

Before resorting to email please check this list and search if there is something that matches your quastions. Then feel free to email me your problems/ideas/congratulations.

Where is the official site of Darwersi?


Why this name?

Darwersi's AI (Artificial Intelligence) is the result of a darwinian evolution that has selected better and better brains (not mine smiley). Thus it is a DARWinian revERSI.

Is it free software?

Darwersi is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License, see the LICENSE file for details. But all sorts of contributions are welcome. Bug fix, ideas and of course some money to support our (CPU expensive) effort.

Where can I find a tutorial for

You should find some basic rules for the game and a strategy tutorial packaged with the game Darwersi.

What's the strengh of Darwersi's AI?

It is a very subjective topic. But hundreds of games played against the best human and computer players in the world (on IOS) have shown that the tournament version is ranking in the top ten players (best IOS rank is 2400+). The version that you are able to run on typical desktop computers is a bit weaker but should range somewhere between 2000 and 2200 points IOS. This should be strong enough to play long and challenging games even against well trained players.

It is too strong. How can I adjust its play level?

Go into option/black(or white)/preference menu. Here you can select predefined profiles (from rookie to champion). Or change one of the default settings to make a new custom profile.
The "current brain" should not be changed for the moment. But it is intended to let you chose another AI for Darwersi (plug a new "brain").
The "maximum depth search" tunes the brute strengh by setting the numebr of plies Darwersi is looking ahead during its searches.
The "end search" specify when Darwersi is trying to solve the game exaclty (ie: find the exact outcome).
The "think ahead" option enables the use of opponent's time to think. Thus Darwersi is able to answer faster to your moves.
Neither opening or learning book are functionnal in this release, sorry.

What's the meaning of the green stripes in Forecast diagram?

When Darwersi is able to foresee the game outcome it displays that using green bars. A 100% green bar means 64/0. A 50% black (or white?) and 50% green bar means 48/16 and so on.

Is there a mailing-list?

Not for the moment, but volunteers are welcome! Feel free to email me if you have questions to add to this FAQ.

Darwersi crashes in an unexpected way under Windows. What's wrong?

Windows! (Just kidding...)

Does Darwersi support 3Dfx for rendering?

Not for the moment. But it could be fun to try that.

How can I import one of these Thor database?

Sorry this feature is not yet available. But with some support from you. We may consider adding it in the next version.


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